Take a step into the digital world, and discover just how easy it can be. XPONIA’s Beacon powered mobile guide helps all museums connect with visitors. Any theme or the size museum or heritage site can easily create a memorable experience with a custom made application.

Personalised Content

Offer your visitors more than just general level information. The Xponia app allows museums to add layers such as family friendly, or specialist content. The visitor can choose the style of content which suits them. This creates a more accessible resource for wider audiences.

Multimedia Application

An app gives the freedom to add images, text, video, audio and Augmented Reality for indoor and outdoor sites. This offers visitors a wider range of information. Content can be uploaded over time, so the app can expand and grow with the museum or heritage site.

Tailored for all museums

At Xponia, we aim to help museums and cultural venues step into the digital world by making it as easy and affordable as possible, whilst providing a high quality user experience.  We offer a plug and play solution, which requires no specialist IT skills and make app projects accessible even for small museums.