Your Solution. Beacon enabled.

From shopping malls, to art galleries, museums and sizeable hospitals, tradeshows and international airports, Kontakt.io beacons are raising expectations about mobile, connectivity, and location data. Kontakt.io´s technology is constantly proving the importance of real-world context in the digital world to consumers and solution providers alike, and is proud to power hundreds of meaningful solutions around the globe.

Every day, beacons are bringing consumers real-world, contextual information. With increasing expectations from visitors, guests and consumers venues are encouraged to upgrade their offerings and appeal to visitors on a connected and personalised level. At the same time, it’s up to solution providers to turn beacons into tools that provide real value. By focusing on the creation of specialized apps, Xponia is bringing the general capabilities of Bluetooth beacons to life.

By leveraging Kontakt.io beacons, Xponia is helping its clients to become more interactive, manoeuvrable, and accessible. Though the venues around the globe are excited to use the new technology, they’ll need the right solutions and teams to unveil the full potential of the beacons.


Think together – Discuss together – Implement together

Movus.group, seated in Vienna (Austria) is a provider of telematics solutions with corresponding information, navigation and telecommunication apps.

Through the use of innovative technologies and sensors, movus is  offers new solutions for various requirements – navigation and positioning in indoor areas (eg museums, galleries, trade fairs, health care, wellness, shopping center, etc.) and in outdoor areas (control and location for transport companies, freight forwarders, etc.). Accessibility is the top priority.

Movus accompanies its clients from conceptualisation, right through to project planning, implementation, commissioning, training and service. Hosting, backup and system integration is always an incremental part of the solution.

In order to be able to flexibly implement state-of-the-art solutions with open standards, a long-term partner management based on trust is key for Movus.

Movus.group stands for its clients as a reliable and flexible service and solution provider.