ASCC – Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

City: Salmiya, Kuwait   

Sector: Museum

Solution: Multi-media museum guide with digital wayfinding

ASCC, Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre in Kuwait opened in March 2018, and is one of the world´s largest cultural complexes housing a total of 22 galleries with over 1,100 exhibits. The complex offers a Natural History Museum, Science and Technology Museum, a Fine Arts Centre, Arabic Islamic Science Museum, Space Museum, and Theatre. With Xponia´s mobile apps, ASCC shares rich multi-media content about the museums, galleries, services and its large variety of events. The digital wayfinding is the next feature to come in the mobile apps, that provide indoor and outdoor navigation for visitors having their own museum guide in the palm of their hands. Xponia has designed and developed also the website for ASCC, and provides ASCC with an intuitive and easy to handle content-management-system, both for the website and the mobile apps.

Hungarian National Gallery

City: Budapest, Hungary   

Sector: Museum

Solution: Museum guide with digital wayfinding

As the largest and most-visited museum in Hungary, the Hungarian National Gallery launched a mobile museum guide with Xponia’s indoor navigation to guide visitors through its exhibitions using our technology to provide individual guided tours, show promotional events and upcoming exhibitions. After a popular and proven audio-guide, the mobile app elevated the museum experience for tourists and local visitors the same, allowing to explore signature objects before, during and after the museum visit.

visitors    Visitor number: approx. 500.000 p.a.

area    Visitor area: 15.000 sqm

IKV Colloquium 2018

City: Aachen, Germany   

Sector: Event

Solution: Event app with multi-media features

In cooperation with dreiform, Xponia has developed an event app for the International Colloquium Plastics Technology in February 2018. The app offers a complete overview of the conference: detailed program plan, description of key topics, lectures, sessions, speakers and downloadable documents. It also features information about the event’s trade show and its exhibitors, stations, locations and bus-shuttle. Attendees are also able to save their favourites and create their personal colloquium schedule with the display of the next program item.

Lutheran Museum

City: Budapest, Hungary   

Sector: Museum

Solution: Museum guide with digital wayfinding

Being a small museum in terms of area (400 sqm), the Lutheran Museum was able to expand its visitor area by using Xponia’s technology which allowed them to create a comprehensive display of digital interpretation and interactive displays. Such digital and modern interpretative tools are not only attractive to younger audiences, in general, the digital medium showcases and allows for thoughtful background information, stories and cross references across the venue. The multi-lingual content makes all the treasures available to everyone visiting the museum in the city centre of Budapest.

visitors    Visitor number: approx. 10.000 p.a.

area    Visitor area: 400 sqm

Museum of Applied Arts

City: Budapest, Hungary   

Sector: Museum

Solution: Museum app with interactive multi-media features

The interactive museum app with digital wayfinding that Xponia developed for the Museum of Applied Arts assists visitors and allows them to discover design and architectural treasures, explore multi-media content about the objects and to choose from different guided tours, or discover the museum on their own terms. Users learn more about the museum itself, its history and are guided along a stunning architectural track. Users share their museum experience with friends on social networks and enjoy a number of additional interactive features.

visitors    Visitor number: approx. 100.000 p.a.

area    Visitor area: 3.000 sqm


City: Munich, Germany    

Sector: Museum

Solution: Museum app with interactive multi-media features

The interactive and multi-media app Xponia developed for the Rockmuseum established a digital Rock&Pop Archive, where for the first time, the world-famous collection of Rock memorabilia of Herbert Hauke became  entirely accessible to the community of international fans and collectors. About 1% of this vast collection is showcased at the Olympic Tower in Munich, where the highest Rockmuseum is located. Enriched with social features, videos and other multi-media content the app is just like an individual guided tour with the owner, collector and lifetime rock fan Herbert Hauke.

visitors    Visitor number: approx. 600.000 p.a.

area    Visitor area: 200 sqm


City: St.Gallen, Switzerland    

Sector: Outdoor

Solution: Multi-media app with outdoor navigation

The city of St.Gallen and Eastern Switzerland are internationally renowned for their textile heritage and expertise. Xponia was asked by Textilland Ostschweiz  to create and develop a multi-media app with outdoor navigation for walking tours to discover unique architectural signs of the textile industry. The textile trails “St.Gallen Downtown” and “St.Gallen West” lead to magnificent buildings from the heyday of the industry and reveal in text, audio and images fascinating facts about the history, architectural style and current use of the buildings. Recommendations in the app introduce to the users, events, restaurants, accommodations, cultural sights, shopping opportunities, etc. The app is multi-lingual and available both in online and offline mode.

Verkehrshaus der Schweiz

City: Lucerne, Switzerland    

Sector: Museum

Solution: Museum guide with digital wayfinding

In December 2016, Verkehrshaus, the Swiss Transport Museum, the largest and most-visited museum in Switzerland, launched its multi-media museum guide with Xponia’s digital wayfinding featuring indoor and outdoor navigation. We were engaged to provide a multi-media mobile guide needed to accommodate the entire museum, including, not only all exhibitions, but the Filmtheatre, Chocolate Adventure, Planetarium. Access to the online ticket shop, event calendar, service facilities, and a vast range of multi-media content and social features were added and the app became a cutting-edge, before-during-after museum experience. Considering Switzerland´s multi-lingualism, both the app and the CMS are available in 4 languages, i.e. German, French, Italian and English.

visitors    Visitor number: approx. 700.000 p.a.

area    Visitor area: 20.000 sqm